Board Members

Katie Thomas

Katie grew up in Raleigh, NC, and went to Needham Broughton High School. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communication.

After college, Katie moved to Washington, DC, for two years and worked at Ketchum, an international public relations firm, where she served clients like Clorox, Kellogg and ConAgra Foods. After Ketchum, she worked at Queens University of Charlotte, overseeing marketing for their adult studies program.

Since 2012, Katie has been employed by Atrium Health (formerly Carolinas HealthCare System), where she has served in a variety of corporate communications leadership roles.

Katie’s twin daughters, Mallory and Abigail, were born at 31 weeks and spent nearly 6 weeks in the Levine Children’s Hospital NICU. Mallory and Abigail are now 3.5, and Katie is expecting a third daughter in Dec. 2018.

Katie met her husband Anthony while living in D.C. After working as a consultant with Accenture for 10+ years, Anthony moved in-house to one of his clients, Ross Stores (based in Fort Mill, SC), where he’s an IT director. Anthony is from Jackson, MS, and received his B.S. and M.B.A. from Mississippi State University.

Katie joined the Board because she’s passionate about helping others who share her experience as a NICU parent. She knows first-hand how emotionally, physically and financially difficult the NICU can be.

Katie hopes her experience as a former NICU parent, combined with her PR/communications skills will help raise awareness of Madelyn’s Fund and expand our mission to as many NICU families as possible.

Kelly Chambers

Currently stays home with her two sons, Teddy and Emmett. Prior to staying home, Kelly was a Labor and Delivery Nurse. She received a BA in Communications from the University of Wisconsin and later completed her MS in Nursing at DePaul University in Chicago, where she and her family lived for the last 10 years.

As a labor and delivery nurse at Northwestern and most recently at Baby and Co. in Charlotte, Kelly saw first hand how the physical and emotional stress that comes with any NICU stay impacts the health of the entire family. Upon learning about the important work being done by Madelyn’s Fund, she new that this would be a great place to utilize her clinical experience and help some of our community’s most deserving families.

“In my experience, it is critical for NICU parents to be physically and emotionally available to their babies to support the best clinical outcomes. By taking some of the financial burden of having a child in the NICU off of their parents shoulders, Madelyn’s fund directly impacts the health of these babies.”

Nicole Sunday

Nicole grew up in Glen Dale, WV. Attended college at the University of South Carolina. Majored in Finance and International Business with a minor in French. Moved to Charlotte in 2003 to work at Liberty Mutual. After a few years at Liberty Mutual I switched to banking and worked at Wachovia. Married to Kevin Sunday for almost 10 years. Two children, Arden (8) and Ryan (almost 6). Both attend Charlotte Latin. No personal NICU experience but have friends who had babies.

Nicole joined the Board to support Andy and Rachel in furthering their mission to help families in the NICU and to honor their daughter, Madelyn. Her goals are to spread awareness of Madelyn’s Fund in the Charlotte community to better support and reach every family in need of assistance.

Seantel Londry

Seantel is a stay at home mom. Formerly Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. North Carolina State University, graduated 2005. She married her college sweetheart, Ryan Londry, since 2005. Her sons are Graham and Ellie Londry, twins 5 years old. They are starting Kindergarten at Charlotte Country Day School. Her twins spent 5 weeks in the NICU due to prematurity.

Seantel joined the board to support our friends during a difficult time. We had experience in the NICU and know how much this fund fills a desperate need for so many families.

“Madelyn’s Fund fills a financial need to families during some of the most difficult times in their lives. Madleyn’s Fund gives families hope, support and financial help during their NICU stay. So many of our board members have had NICU experience and Madelyn’s Fund gives us a way to give back. So many people ask during these hard times how they can help, you can help by donating to Madelyn’s Fund!”

Kelly Ann Walker

Kelly Ann Walker

Kelly currently works as a Balanced Body Comprehensive Certified Pilates Trainer at Iron Butterfly Pilates Studio. She had two children in the NICU when they were born. This is where she recognized the stress that families encounter, and the needs that the are not met by medical insurance. Erin Michael Walker(son), born 32 weeks(4lbs 8 oz) spend 21 days in the NICU with respiratory distress and has made a fully recovery. He is now 29 years old. Shannon Nicole Walker(daughter), born 35 weeks(3lbs) spent 35 days in NICU with IUGR, sepsis, and suffering a stroke has also fully recovered. She is now 26 years old.

Kelly joined the board because she saw that Madelyn’s Fund helps families to get basic needs met to be able to bring home their babies. It also helps families whose babies pass away, to give them a proper burial without the financial stress of a funeral, allowing them time to grieve.

Amy Schaaf

Amy worked as the special events director for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte planning fundraising events (golf tournaments, races, festivals and galas). She graduated from Elon University. Amy’s family includes Husband – Chris, 2 sons – Landon & Brody and daughter – Vivienne.

“When Rachel and Andy shared their mission for Madelyn’s Fund, I was in awe of how they were turning such a tragic time in their lives in to something that will always honor Madelyn. I believe in the mission and am so proud of all Madelyn’s fund has accomplished in such a short amount of time! Madelyn’s Fund Board Members are some of the biggest advocates for the fund.

I love talking about the Fund with others and sharing everything that we are doing and plan to do in the future. I want to continue to spread the mission of Madelyn’s Fund and continue to raise money to provide financial security for the families that we support. I think Madelyn’s Fund supports our community in a way that no one else is right now. Meeting these families that have had their lives turned upside down in a moments time, it is wonderful to know that we are bringing them some comfort and relief by helping them with things that are often times overlooked by others…living expenses, gas cards, baby supplies.

Every parent (no matter the circumstances) needs a support system and to know that Madelyn’s Fund can provide that support to families in need is amazing.”

Corey Andresen

Corey grew up in Greenville, SC. Worked for NationsBank and then Bank of America in Charlotte and then in New York City. Current stay at home mom. Corey’s family includes Husband – Clark and daughters – Molly & Kate.

Corey is a avid Clemson Tiger fan, former Christ Church Preschool and Kindergarten Board Member and volunteer at Charlotte Country Day School. Corey desires to support Rachel and Andy’s mission to help NICU families as a way to allow Madelyn’s life to continue to make an incredible impact in our community. She feels that Madelyn’s Fund fills a void in the community by helping with everyday living expenses for NICU families in need….given that we are local and small, we can act quickly to help families in need

Thomas Newcomb

Thomas works in Treasury at Ally Bank since 2016 and previously spent 10 years at Bank of America. Graduated from Georgia State University and also attended University of Florida. Born and raised in Douglasville, GA. His family includes wife – Brittany and sons – Harrison & Dylan.

Thomas was aware of the emotional stress of having a baby in the NICU and the extraordinary costs associated with NICU stays. After meeting Rachel and Andy, he really was inspired by their want and need to help others and their commitment to the community. I honestly feel honored and grateful for the opportunity to serve on this board.

“Madelyn’s Fund help support the community by helping families with life expenses, which allows them to focus on their baby and by letting them know that they are not alone in their situation.”

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