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NICU Support

Many families experience a stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with their newborns. During their time these infants see many doctors, specialists, and undergo testing that all contribute to the health of the child. Many families also have to travel and may find themselves taking on extra expenses and having to take time off from work.

Unfortunately, there are also families like us who experience the death of a child. When we lost our daughter it was devastating having to plan a funeral. On top of it coming at a high emotional cost, it was a high financial cost as well. When we were in the middle of it all we talked about how stressful it would be if we couldn’t afford to give our daughter a proper memorial or if we were not able to afford the coming medical bills. What we learned is that funeral expenses including the preparation, casket, grave site and plaque can be around $4000.

After our stay at Hemby Children’s Hospital NICU at Presbyterian Medical Center we felt such sincere appreciation for all of the nurses and doctors who were a part of Madelyn’s life. Madelyn’s Fund exists to help NICU families in need with expenses related to their stay, as well as funeral costs for those who lose a child.

Your support means so much to not only the families that need assistance, but also to our family.

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